All the flavor and all the energy combined in a single bar.
It's a special bar with extraordinary ingredients that once combined creates a shot of flavor and energy. The cereal, caramel and peanuts are the center of the bar and is chocolate coated which gives the perfect touch to this wonderful product.

This bar was created for Barry, a soccer player that needs extraordinary habilities to play. Learn more about Barry and play with him in Facebook.


The cereal that comes inside of Barry Crucks is a special ingredient. It's composed of diverse grains, designed to intensify the flavor of the peanuts, the caramel and the chocolate coating.

The delicious and soft texture of the caramel produces irresistible tones and flavors that are complemented with a combination of peanuts and cereal.



The chocolate flavor coating is the perfect ingredient which gives the finest touch to the candy bar, introducing a delicious product.


Bag: 12 pz.
Box: 25 bags.

Mini BarryCrucks
Bag: 20 pz.
Box: 25 bags.

Bag: 12 pz.
Box: 25 bags.