Look for our four potato combinations and enjoy their bold flavors.

¡Try them!
Extra Potato
Natural is always better, made with lemon juice and a hint of salt
Exquisite touch of jalapeño
Try our unmatched marinated flavor
Enjoy our secret recipe with cheese and jalapeño


For those who can't forget their roots, try Xnacks! 100% corn flour with nixtamal, you'll taste tradition

Try them!
Extra Corn
Extreme pungent flavor like bullfights
Tastes just like a homemade sauce!
Eating quesadillas with a touch of jalapeño never tasted better
Everything tastes better with lemon and salt
Discover the explosive fire flavor

Intense Flavors

Dare to try all our flavors and choose your favorite, its a tough call


X-nacks® Potato
Unit: 18g
Bag: 25 units
Pack: 10 bags

X-nacks® Corn
unit.: 19g
Bag: 25 units
Pack: 10 bags